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Wedding Michelle & Xavier


Hi Cindy!

We have finally settled back home in the US and we are still just so amazed at how wonderful everything was. 

We really loved working with you. Here is our feedback!

  • Even though we hired you to be the day-of coordinator, you were proactive in helping us for so many things even leading up to the wedding day. 

  • You were super organized and it helped us get more organized. 

  • We really liked that you reached out to all of our vendors yourself and introduced yourself to make sure they were all on the same page. 

  • We appreciated the time you spent with us and Stephanie at the château prior to the wedding. We really liked that it felt that you had control over the situation. We really didn't worry much after we saw how you knew how to handle the coordination from the Château as well. 

  • You take your job seriously and we really liked that!

  • It was great that you came to us a few times during dinner to remind us of the schedule and you kept us on track. 

  • Our tables were set up beautifully.

  • Overall, we really felt you went above and beyond our expectations and we honestly cannot think of anything negative to add.

It was overall a huge success and we cannot thank you enough. 


Michelle & Xavier


Thank you for a wonderful time!
You were magnificent!
We were transported into your universe with a ceremony full of emotion and delicacy. 
A day made of happiness and serenity. 
The decoration of the place was magical, elegant, sublimated with discreet and refined details. 
A wedding that looks like you!
A wedding organised to perfection, from the ceremony to the reception. 
A delicious meal where we were able to discover and taste succulent dishes.
We were amazed by the professionalism of each of your suppliers.
What a beautiful wedding!

Sandra, aunt of the bride

Wedding Cindy & Jonathan

Mariage Cindy et Jo_Rock'n Brides-850.jpg

Wedding inspiration photo shoot


It was a pleasure to work hand in hand with Cindy on a superb project of hers! Her taste for decoration, her attentiveness and her kindness made this sublime inspiration shoot in the colours of the Mediterranean a success. Thank you Cindy for your trust and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you ♥


Alysée Vincent, STUDIO 120


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